Be Social Media Savvy

Regardless of your field, you should be aware of how you look on social media and do everything you can to make your online profiles help you stand out as an excellent employee. These are some suggestions of what you can do to optimize your social media presence.

Have a complete profile with relevant experience:

If you’re using LinkedIn, make sure your profile includes your complete employment history that is relevant to the position you’d like to find.  Include your education, as well as any skills related to your job.  Adding a professional photo adds credibility to your profile i.e. potential employers or recruiters know you’re a real person and not a fake profile.

Keep all your social media profiles professional looking:

Remember that the Internet is a public information source.   You’d hate to miss out on a potential job opportunity because of some embarrassing photos or tweets.  Make sure that your security settings on your personal profiles are set to maximum security and check out what your profile looks like to the public in the “view as” mode offered on Facebook.

Join Groups that are relevant to your career and interact:

Social media is full of great groups that can connect you with potential employers and recruiters.  Be selective and choose groups with whom you’d like to interact and where you may find career advice, opportunities, or education.  Then, contribute and show your experience, knowledge, and skills in the discussion when you can. This is an excellent way to connect and network for a new job.

Add posts about how you benefitted your employer or made improvements on the job.

We all like to show off our finest moments on social media.  Don’t forget to post your career and employment achievements too!  Did you make a great contribution that made a difference in your workplace?  Were you recognized by your boss for something outstanding?  Shout it out on your socials.  Not only is it something to be proud of in your life, but it’s also helping your job search.

Keep your connections career-focused on LinkedIn

Make sure the majority of the people in your LinkedIn circles are in your area of expertise, the position you’d like to move into or connection at companies where you’ve worked or hope to work. This gives employers the impression that you’re plugged in to your particular niche and having common connections is always a plus.

Last, but not least, always provide clear contact info. 

When you’ve created an amazing online presence, your experience and skills are the perfect match, but your potential employer can’t find a way to contact you, you’ve done all this work for nothing.  So, make sure that at least your email address is up to date and you’re checking it frequently, so you won’t miss your next opportunity!