Maximizing a Job Fair

In a candidate centric job market, job and career fairs can be an excellent way to meet and prequalify candidates for your current and future openings. At a job or career fair, you will have the opportunity to personally meet candidates and present your company to a lot of candidates at once.  To make the most out of a job fair, select the optimal event based on your hiring needs and plan your participation. Here are our tips for maximizing your career fair attendance

Decide on your goals and open positions

Depending on your industry, current hiring needs and the type of candidate you’d like to recruit, choose a job fair that will lead to the most candidates for your openings.

Determine what will make this event successful for you

  • How many candidates do you want to source?
  • What skills and experience?
  • How many will we interview (on the spot?)?
  • Will we accept resumes?

Make the Most of your time

Ensure that your time is well spent by planning and coordinating your booth set up and plan to engage participants at your booth.  Arrive early to give candidates a good impression of your company.  When participants begin arriving, you should be ready and prepared to greet them.

Know your ideal candidate

Make sure that everyone who staffs the booth clearly understands the open positions and positions for which you may hire in the future.  Make sure they are familiar with the skills, qualifications, and experience you’re looking for in the right person to fill those positions.  This will allow them to maximize their conversations and find good candidates to interview.

Focus on the candidate

Don’t over emphasize your employer branding.  You’re advertising your positions and company culture i.e. why they want to work for you.  Career fair attendees often leave the event without gathering much meaningful information. The primary reason people attend job fairs is to meet employers face-to-face and get a foot in the door for an interview.  Make sure you’re respecting their time and have your information about positions and your company at the ready to discuss and offer to them.

Always Follow Up

Determine your follow-up process.  It’s helpful to categorize your candidates into groups as the career fair ends: best matches for current openings, future possible matches, and network builders (or not ideal matches). View every candidate as a potential customer or future client and strive to leave them with a good impression of you and your company. Send a “thank you” e-mail to everyone that stopped by your booth and include next steps for those you’re interested in interviewing or moving forward now or in the future.  Make sure to follow up the day after the career fair.  Just as you’re excited to find great talent for your company, job seekers are attending with the hope of finding excellent employers.  The sooner companies follow up with potential candidates, the sooner your open positions are filled!

Didn’t Find the Perfect Candidate?

At JFC Skilled Trades, our recruiters are 100% dedicated to finding the best Skilled Trades talent. So if your time at the job fair didn’t connect you with the perfect candidate, give us a call. We can bring you pre-qualified candidates to meet your specific needs.