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Want to Attract the Best Talent? Be a Top-Rated Employer.

Today, employers are facing a problem we haven’t had in recent history.  We’re in a job market where the unemployment rate is practically at record low levels. Skilled Trades professionals know how in-demand they are and finding new talent may be a big challenge for your company right now.  Good pay and good benefits are offered by many employers, so how can you give candidates more incentive and information to make the decision to work for you? 

Marketing yourself properly as an employer is the key to attracting high-quality applicants and differentiating yourself from other industry players.  Here are some ways your company can stand out in today’s job-rich marketplace and draw the best candidates to your business.

Create a Positive Employer Brand

Establish your company as a great place to work by cultivating your business’s values and focus. Try to make your core values an important selling point for working with your company. Find out what makes you different from your competitors and look for ways to stand out as a better employer.  You want people who bring different viewpoints to the company, but you also want everyone to uphold your company mission and values. Sell your company culture and what you offer beyond just a job and a paycheck.

Know Who You’re Looking For

From there, you can determine what “top talent” means for you.  Your definition of a top candidate will be different than what it means for someone else.  Realize that a candidate’s skills and qualifications are not the whole picture of an employee.  Explore other areas of good personality fit and qualities of your current best employees that you want to replicate or complement in your next hire.  

Tailor your pitch to the person

Be sure to listen for what candidates are looking for career-wise now and in the future. Top performers don’t just want a job—they usually have career goals of their own and want to know how you can help them achieve their objectives.

Communication is Key

To attract individuals who want to work with an organization like yours, you need to be open about your company. Keep employees, old and new, in the loop with important information about business no matter what their role in the company is day to day. Open and honest communication is becoming a huge selling point and it helps for labor talent to see where their contribution fits in with the bigger picture.

Offer Career Development

Your new talent also wants to work somewhere willing to invest in them for the future.  And, if your company is looking to grow, it will need to have people that can be moved higher in the ranks.  Offer programs to develop your employee’s skills and talents so they are already properly trained to simply move in and handle the responsibility of new positions immediately. While you want someone who is willing to work hard now, be sure to offer opportunities to develop their talent and skills for a future with your company.  This keeps them from feeling stuck in their careers and gives you terrific, motivated employees for your growth plan.

Let your employees be your ambassadors

One of the best ways to learn about your company is to look at your employees.  Find out why the best and happiest employees are thriving and strive to incorporate that into your overall company culture.  Motivate and engage your employees.  Whether you choose to post on social media, offer employee incentive plans, or other types of recognition, let your employees know their contributions matter by showing them you’re proud of their accomplishments.   You’d be surprised how far simply saying, “Thank you,” goes to building a good workplace culture and commitment.

Work with a Skilled Trades Niche Recruiting Company.

If you are struggling to find talent, consider working with a recruitment agency that specializes in skilled trades. When you partner with a recruiting agency, focused on manufacturing and skilled trades, you have industry experts who know the expectations of both candidates and clients to create the best match.  Recruitment agencies have done a lot of hard work for you.  They spend time looking through hundreds of resumes and arranging pre-screens with candidates to send only the best-qualified candidates. 

A niche recruiter knows your industry and they are experts in creating the best fit for skills, experience, and your company’s culture.  When you work with a recruiting agency, you no longer need to go through a bunch of candidates who may not be a fit.  Your recruiter will handle this part of the process, allowing you to continue focusing on doing your best on the day to day business which requires your attention.