What’s It Like to Work with a Skilled Trades recruiter?

JFC Skilled Trades recruiters are experts in your industry. If you are contacted by a skilled trades recruiter, it is because they see value in your resume and experience. Specialized field recruiters have insider information, knowledge of current trends, and salary expectations for your skill set.

Recruiters are experts at matching candidates with clients.  Your recruiter will take active steps to promote your skills directly to hiring managers.  It works best as a combined effort with you and your recruiter both working to find you the position you’re looking for. 

What Resources Does a Recruiter Have Beyond What I Can Do Myself?

Simply put, working with a recruiter will give you access to more jobs!  Recruiters have intimate access to hiring managers and key players within the job market. Many companies see the value in hiring through a recruiter because they save money, resources, and time.

Your recruiter has direct access to the decision makers at companies looking for an employee like you, so you’re not at the bottom of someone’s inbox, or worse, in their spam folder.   A recruiter contacts the company directly and present you and your qualifications for a specific position. 

How Does Working with a Recruiter Improve My Chances of Getting a Job or an Interview?

A recruiter advocates directly for you.  Recruiters are focused on finding you the position that is the best match for your lifestyle and quality of life you’re looking for.   Because a good recruiter is interested in making both the client and the candidate happy, it’s in the recruiter’s best interest to match candidates with positions and companies where they will thrive.

Can My Recruiter Help Prepare Me for My Interview?

Offering help with resumes, editing and giving advice for free is how your recruiter goes above and beyond to help get you an interview for the perfect positions…and it doesn’t stop there.  Your recruiter will also help you prepare for what to expect in your interview with each client and what they are looking for in both skills and personality to best position your skills – and you – to ace your interview.

Employers won’t give you feedback on your interviewing skills or the first impression you make, but a recruiter can and will. Your recruiter will have truthful conversations with you before and after your interview. Our feedback can improve your interviewing skills, and in some cases, your recruiter can also give you information from the hiring manager about previous candidates’ interviews that may help you know what the hiring manager responds to positively and negatively.

How Does JFC Skilled Trades Find Me the Right Position? 

At JFC Skilled Trades, our recruiters are industry experts.  This helps us to make the right decisions for our client relationships to find good positions for our candidates and avoid high turnover rates.   We also know where to send our candidates to improve their skills or where to find internships or courses that will benefit their career. 

Our recruiters study the supply and demand reports in their specific industries to negotiate the best pay rates/ benefits and expectations for both candidate and clients.  We use market information to benefit the candidates.  Then, because we’ve done the research, our clients know we’re sending the best qualified candidates.