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What’s It Like to Work at JFC?

Working at JFC is unlike any other company; working alongside friends who share your passion for hard work, and having fun along the way. At JFC, company culture is more than just an idea. Time and time again, people make their way to JFC during their job search, looking for a place to not only work but to call home, a place where they can learn and grow as individuals while contributing to the greater mission of the company. We are a company of entrepreneurs, supporting each other in the journey of life and work.

JFC Positively Impacted 3,207 lives in 2018

Impacting lives is fun at JFC! Each and every day, people come through our doors with stories to tell. Our job is to listen, and to help people find meaningful work. We guide skilled trades professionals through the complexities of the job search and interview process. At the end of the day, we are smiling; knowing that we helped the customers that we serve!

  • Our Thoughts on Diversity…

    The JFC Staffing Companies expect and promote a diverse and inclusive environment
    in which differences are recognized, respected, and valued. We believe
    that employing talent from diverse backgrounds fosters collaborative
    work environments.

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